Catering service

A Japanese chef cook for your special day at your home.

Japanese cuisine special course menu


千歳  Chitose   €50 p.p.

3 dishes course menu

Starter, Main dish, Desert                       


八千代  Yachiyo   €70 p.p.

5dishes course menu

Starter, Soup, Sub main dish, Main dish, Desert                     


吉祥  Kitcho  €90 p.p.

5 dishes course menu deluxe

Starter, Soup, Sub main dish, Main dish, Desert    . 


Catering area : Leiden

Number of candidates : 2-4 

Things what I need at your place : Kitchen, stove.   

Things what you need to prepare : Drinks,Table napkin. 

Please check the schedule calendar.

Reservation available day : orange sign

Please order at least 14days in advance.